you ) This can be confusing, but for as soon as forget about sections and categories. Within just your Joomla administration -panel go to CONTENT above and scroll down and click on ARTICLE DIRECTOR and then click on NEW. WordPress malare removal

installment payments on your Make sure that you fill in a Title under title, and, most significantly, under SECTION make sure that UNCATEGORISED is chosen, and then just write your article. The moment finished writing your article just click on PRESERVE. (Don’t worry about the parameters on the right side for the minute, because that isn’t the lesson here) 

3. Today go to MENU above in your the control panel and scroll down to and click on MAIN MENU. Simply click FRESH and scroll into CONTENT ARTICLES. Click on ARTICLES and choose ARTICLE LAYOUT from the dropdown menu.

4. Give your TITLE a name, for example RESIDENCE. For the right hand part of the page you will see PARAMETERS SIMPLE: You will observe SELECT and you will be able to Look around until you find your written article. When you find your article don’t forget to click on SAVE above.

5. That’s it, your finished and you will now get a menu item linking right to your article.

6. This, in real fact, represents the spine of how Joomla (Content Management System) functions, and it is merely once this is understood that you really can advance any further with Joomla. It appears easy, and it is, knowing it. Forget about sections and categories if you are simply an amateur user of Joomla and concentrate on uncategorised articles and linking these to menu items.